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We haven’t told the EdTech story right... until now

The impact that technology (aka: digital) has had on education has been revolutionary… but not for all students. While some students have the benefit of a technology-enriched education that grows geometrically and teaches them to collaborate, innovate, and develop critical thinking skills, other students languish in class rooms that look remarkably similar to those from decades ago.

Why is that? We can point to politics, or budgets, or local control, or even Common Core, but the truth is this: we’ve done this to ourselves, we haven’t told the EdTech story right.

As an industry, we have to find a new direction, a new course, to telling our story. As learning becomes a lifelong endeavor, crafting a narrative that supports education technology is even more vital.

The marriage of technology to education has created completely new ways to teach and learn. Today’s EdTech requires completely new ways to tell, as well.

So that’s what we do here – we champion EdTech, and help EdTech companies tell their stories.

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Our Founder

Joe is passionate about EdTech and its promise

EdTech180 was founded by Josef Blumenfeld, a seasoned strategic communications professional with experience managing communications teams, programs and campaigns in 39 countries across the globe.

Joe is passionate about EdTech and its promise. He’s held senior communications support and PR roles at cutting-edge EdTech start-ups, as well as at past leaders in both higher education and K-12. Most recently, Joe served as SVP for Corporate Affairs at global higher education company Cengage Learning, driving the company’s rebranding and communications, as it pivoted from “education publisher”to “EdTech innovator.”

Prior to that, Joe served as the SVP, Corporate Communications & Corporate Affairs at global K-12 education and publishing company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. He directed communications for the merger of Houghton Mifflin and Harcourt; and had global responsibility for all facets of the merged company's internal, social and external communications.

Joe has provided communications counsel to many EdTech companies, including LearnBop (a strategic partner of Fuel Education), Dublin-based Learnosity, VINCI, Libboo, Authess, LearnLaunch and others.

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